Revo k101 mini in Concept

Revo k101 mini means the size of the unit is smaller than the current white Revo k101 plus. This version is not available. It is still in concept. We do not know if the factory will produce it in the future. But we will keep bring you news on it. Check the pictures of this new version:


New Customize Case Shell for Revo k101 plus- FC & SFC Style

It is a about one month since we sent k101+ case to Rose Color Gaming. Yes, we only send them case or shell of k101 plus. They are professional at making customize case for all kinds of handhelds- their well-know work is for GBA SP. This time, they gain inspiration from SFC and FC controller from Famicom. Thus, the FC and SFC style k101+ are created.

So far as we discussed, cooperation between us may start from these stylish case for k101 plus. We each other will have the special version of Revo k101+ on sales in the future. Yes, there will be more than white color Revo k101 plus on our website. Clear case, FC controller shell and etc... Below we share you designs from RCG. It will be very appreciated if you can tell us which one you prefer mostly.


Specification for Revo k101+

Someone who are keen on technical are always asking the specification for REVO K101+. Though we had took many videos and pictures to show most function for this unit, we decide to write them down in words as below- Try to correct us if any "mis-translation". At the same time, you can pre-order k101 plus now!

1. Can be compatible with the original GBA cartridge and most flashcart.
2. Come with the K-card- specially design for K101 plus. Supports up to 32GB TF card. Fast game loading speed.
3. Supports All GBA roms
4. Support save files in different format. Save files supports up to 128K.
5. Supports RTC(Real Time Clock) function- (Real Time Clock)
6. Open or close the cheat key any time while playing games
7. Automatically backup save files to TF card.
8. Can be used with GBA multi-link cable. Supporting up to 4 people playing games together.
9. stero earphone output
10. AV-out- allowing connecting with TV
11. AUO 3 inches HD screen. Three screen display optional: 4:3; 3:2; 240x160
12.buttons combo function
13. Can play GBA ROM in zip file. No need to unzip GBA roms.
14. offering firmware updated
15. support hot-plug for GBA cartridge, K-card and TF card
16. Can play MP3, JPG picture, TXT file.